To put it in short, CAT Bot uses the Ping-Pong strategy to achieve the gains you want through trading in the market of your choice. But then of course, there is so much more to it than a simple buy and sell strategy. CAT has a set of carefully crafted algorithms within to make sure your trades always aim for the best prices according to the current market situations. So, it is nothing like any bot that may claim to have a ping-pong strategy inside. The idea behind C.A.T. is built on ping-pong, the execution is furthermore.

For starters, let’s take a look at how the ping – pong strategy inside CAT Bot generates gains for you:


ping pong strategy of CAT bot

In the above illustration, a process is started by YOU determining the first order’s (buy or sell) price, and how much you want to earn from it (%GAIN) each time from there on. This is where you can take a break and CAT can start doing it’s thing. It buys at your price, sells higher, then buys again, and sells even higher, and buys… you get the idea. Unless you specify limits for CAT it will go on and on if the market is convenient for a trade. Even when you specify limits for it, there can be numerous successful trades done in those limits and eventually see that you can never be as fast as a program trading for you. It will not get tired, or emotional. It will solely focus on your success.

We don’t want to complicate things for you before you even start but just know that you can prepare a strategy for any situation. A bearish (falling) or a bullish (rising) market is not a problem anymore. If you can catch the wave, you can set CAT Bot to make several trades in those situations increasing or decreasing your pings orders automatically after each successful pong order completion so that it adapts the market. Assigning such limits is always possible:

  • NEVER Buy Over Your Last Ping Buy Price + 0.5%
  • NEVER Sell Under Your Last Ping Sell Price + 0.2%
  • NEVER Sell Over Your Last Pong Sell Price

And so on…. Possibilites are nearly limitless once you get the hold of it. Got more questions or want to learn how to implement further strategies? They will be shared in the Community boards, join in now.


Wide Support of Coins, Pairs and Exchanges

CAT Bot supported coins exchanges

CAT Bot is literally capable of trading in between 100’s of coins in all the markets offered by almost ALL the major exchanges you can name. If there is a rising star in the exchange’s world, be sure that C.A.T. engineers should be getting ready to add that in the selection as well. We are not limited to some big names like Poloniex, Bittrex and Kraken. Even Yobit, Cryptopia and Bitfinex don’t have many bots to trade with as of yet. We have over 20 exchange API’s to select from! And some are even free with your CAT Bot core license.

And the pairs? Not only Bitcoin but with any altcoin as well. You name it… Ethereum to Bitshares? Or Monero to Databits? CAT Bot does it, as long as your exchange supports it. Therefore you cannot call CAT Bot just a bitcoin bot, it is a full stacked crypto bot!



Easy to Use and Customize GUI

The graphical user interface of CAT Bot is much like a cockpit in a plane, providing the user all necessary options within the reach of a hand. Unlike many competitors in the “bot world”, you don’t need ANY knowledge of coding and worry if you misplaced that semi-colon. You set your numbers and pairs through boxes and buttons, then just click & go to start trading.

cat bot gui


Needless to mention that it can show your gains with all the information you might wonder about, globally, or per pair:

bitcoin bot


Or any information on the current market trades in your current exchange that you might need to know before deciding what to trade:

bot pairs

You can get even further information on current sell & buy orders per market when you open them up. You might not want to visit your exchange site again but control everything within the gui. Because you can. Go there only when you want to withdraw your money. That is one thing CAT Bot can’t do for you!

With CAT Bot, even your logs are embedded in your gui. We weren’t joking when we said you didn’t need any further knowledge besides using a program. You can even customize the way your bot looks with a selection of skins.

cat bot skins




Don’t Go Down With The Market

If everything else fails, and the market you are trading in suffers a sudden fall towards its death, you don’t have to worry anymore. CAT has an evacuation plan to sell all your coins if the market goes below a certain price or percent to stop your loss. Of course, you could do that with your exchange, but probably not while doing a strategy in a bearish market. That is why we are so sure to provide you with options no other exchange or bot might.

Such as, on the contrary, if you believe that a sudden fall of a specific coin might become a great opportunity later on, you can also set CAT Bot to BUY with all the money you have at that moment. And even add it to your ping-pong pool to automatically start trading with it in case prices go back to normal while you could not attend the situation.




Works on All Operating Systems

cat bot operating system

CAT Bot is a program wirtten in Java language which provides several benefits for the user;

  • It is standalone. No need for installation.
  • It is lightweight. No memory or cpu hogs on your computer.
  • It works on Windows, Mac and Linux

This means you just have to copy your folder of CAT Bot in a usb disk and carry it around with all the settings and orders you have created. Plug it into another computer and it just continues to work where it left off.