Exchange API Key Activations


WARNING: Please beware that API Key update on your program after your registration is not possible. Please make sure you submit the correct Public API Key to us, save it’s private key and do not update it ever again as it cannot be changed once your copy is sent to you. Details on this matter is further explained in the FAQ section.


Bitfinex API Activation
– Go to and create an API with READ checked for ALL Operation AND READ/WRITE for ORDERS Operation.
– Go to Set “Fees -> Fee type for Exchange orders =  Currency exchange fee” and “Account Type =  exchange”
– SAVE your KEY, because Bitfinex will mask it after a page refresh


BitStamp API Activation
– Go to -> New Api Key
– Check 6 API Option : Account balance + User transactions + Open orders + Cancel order + Buy limit order + Sell limit order
– SAVE your PRIVATE KEY, because BitStamp will mask it after 5 minutes


Bittrex API Activation
– Go to
– Activate 2FA (Mandatory for security reason)
– Add new Key with Read Info/Trade Limit/Trade Market  checked
– SAVE your PRIVATE KEY, because Bittrex will mask it


BTC-e API Activation
– Go to
– Check INFO e TRADE permission
– SAVE your PRIVATE KEY, because BTC-E will mask it when you’ll reload the page


Bter API Activation
– Go to



C-CEX API Activation
– Go to -> Trading API TAB
– Press CREATE NEW API KEY Button and select these options : orderlist,getbalance,makeorder,cancelorder,tradehistory
– Your Keys will be sent to your E-Mail address


CEX.IO API Activation
– First ACTIVATE 2FA on your Account and don’t forget to save the SEED Generator.
– Goto
– Check Permissions : Account balance/Open orders/Place order/Cancel order
– Press GENERATE KEY, Press ACTIVATE and insert the 2FA Code
– Save your Private Apy key. Site will never show that key again.


Coinsecure API Activation
– Go to
– Select a “allActions” Api Key
– Send me the First 25 Bytes of the Key


Cryptopia API Activation
– Check ENABLE API then press NEW KEY then click  SAVE CHANGES



HitBTC API Activation
– Go to -> Your API keys
– Create your Api Keys this way : Set STATUS ON + Activate Order book, History, Trading balance & Place/cancel orders & Payment information



Kraken API Activation
– Verify your Account at least at TIER 1
– Don’t Activate 2FA
– Go to Profile -> Settings -> API Page
– Check Permission :  Query Funds + ALL Orders & Trades Permissions
– Other Attributes Must be set to OFF (Default)



Liqui API Activation
– Press “Create Api Key”
– Set “Perms Attributes” INFO/TRADE
– Save your Private Key, Exchange will hide the key in 3 hours


Livecoin API Activation
– Go to
– Receive a Mail Confirmation
– SAVE YOUR PRIVATE KEY Because it will be displayed only ONCE



OKCoin (com/cn) API Activation
– Verify your Account to TIER1
– Activate 2FA (For Example Google Auth.)
– Go to (or and Create your API Key with TRADE Permission.



Poloniex API Activation
– Go to
– Don’t Activate (for your security if someone stole your Private Key) Can Withdraw Option
– Add your IP address in the approved list for API keys (not mandatory)



Stocks API Activation
– GOTO -> API KEY And Generate new API



The Rock Trading API Activation
– From Main Page -> My Personal Data -> APIKEYS (Check The ItemList on the Left Side) -> NEW API KEY
– Check “TRADE” option + Status = ENABLED -> Create Api Key
– Press the Public Api Address and Save your Private Apy key. Site will never show that key again.


TuxExchange API Activation
– GOTO -> Api
– don’t press GENERATE NEW KEY PAIR or you will lost your key



Vaultoro API Activation
– Go to
– Set CurrencySettings = USD
– Click Api Settings, Decheck “Allow bitcoin withdrawals for this key” and “Generate New Key”



YoBit API Activation
– Go to
– Select “info & trade & deposits” from the ComboBox then press CREATE NEW KEY BUTTON
– Save your Private Apy key. Site will never show that key again.