CAT the Bitcoin Bot

a.k.a. Cryptocurrency Automatic Trader (formerly known as cryptsy as well), is the ultimate trading bot that uses the Ping-Pong strategy for high gains you always wished for in any exchange or market of your choice. You can let it trade automatically as a Poloniex bot or a Bittrex bot, Yobit, or in almost 20 other sites of your choice. And not just to earn Bitcoins fast, it is also an ethereum bot or a usdt bot, you name it unless your exchange supports it. You don’t have to sit all day and stare at charts anymore. Using this best bitcoin bot you can turn trading bitcoin from a passive income to an active investment that works for you.

cat logo the best bitcoin bot

Trading strategies are hard to find for yourself but CAT has trade strategies that are made by professionals and it runs algorithms that are a lot more than simply buying and selling crypto coins on some predetermined prices.


Cat Bot

is not a free bitcoin bot as many others claim to be but later scoop off from your earnings but it is also not a paid membership either. You pay for it once and it is then yours forever. With an investment of 0.5 Btc, it is not hard to say that it will have a short ROI (return of investment) of about 1 month in a suitable market if you make some correct choices and let Cat do it’s thing.

Using this bot you would not need to wander in bitcoin faucet sites, just check the bitcoin price and the cryptocurrency prices that you want to trade with and start off. Bitcoin bot trading is something you have never experienced even if you have paid for other bots in the makret till now, unless you have given c.a.t. a try. The graphical user interface (gui) of CAT makes your trade options highly customizable. You don’t need to edit configuration files like other bots require or learn anything more than what your current exchange’s chart offers. Simply set your trades in just a few clicks.