About C.A.T.

C.A.T. Bot’s (aka CAT) is known as the best bitcoin bot in the market but it’s name is in fact an abbreviation for Cryptocurrency Automatic Trader┬ábut in years it has evolved to be known more with it’s animal short name, purry but often times vicious towards it’s prey, the cat. Yet, it is not your regular house cat but instead it works for your benefits and helps you carry your trading strategies steps further by executing them even while you are at work or in bed. It purrs in your hands but vicious in the market.

We do not call this animal simply a Bitcoin Bot, and that is why it’s name implies all the cryptocurrencies. It was formerly known by the name Cryptsy Automatic Trader. Oh yes, CAT Bot is not a new invention introduced yesterday, but it has been around since April 2013 and definitely not abandoned since then like many other programs never receiving any updates after their initial publish. It has been perfected with a number of whopping 59 updates till our date, constantly evolving for the way people want to trade, adding new features in the arsenal, meanwhile. The number of updates alone is the proof that people behind this geniusity listen to what their customers ask for. In case you are interested in some formal background, you can read the changelog of CAT Bot over here.

If you have manually traded your bitcoin or any other crypto coins in any major exchange platform anytime since 2013, you most probably have had a transaction with CAT Bot without even knowing so. Whether you are trading Bitcoins, Ethereum, Monero or simply just trade USDT back and forth, it does not matter. Cat adapts to the markets your preferred exchange platform offers. So, it may now be time to leave behind that unfair competition you were forced in and start using CAT Algorithms as well.