CAT Bot: The Best Crypto Trading Bot


Automatic Trading for Maximum Profits

Continue trading and earn crypto even while you’re at sleep with the most established stand-alone trading bot since 2013.


Keep Your Trading Accounts 100% Safe

Runs on your system, communicates only with your chosen exchanges, never stores your keys on a remote server.

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All Coin Markets

CAT Bot supports all the markets and coin pairings your exchange offers for you to trade in.

All Operating Systems

Benefit of being coded in JAVA, you do not even need to install CAT Bot. You can just carry it around in a USB stick and run it in any operating system, whether it’s Windows, Mac or Linux.


Fail Proof Strategy

CAT Bot uses a Ping-Pong strategy advanced far beyond what any other bot might offer. You just set your parameters and let it do the work.

Cat Bitcoin Bot

Graphical User Interface

No need to fiddle around browser pages, codes or text editors; you will set all your parameters through a single program window.

Advanced Stop-Loss

You can combine your strategy with an advanced set of parameters to trigger a customized Stop-Loss, far better than your exchange settings, and keep your earnings safe at all times.


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  • All Features Unlocked
  • All Future Updates
  • Unlimited Trading Pairs
  • 9+ Exchange Options
  • Direct Dev Support

Extra License


Per Exchange

Special for CAT Bot Owners

  • 9+ Exchange Options

How CAT Bot Works


Run it on Your Computer or VPS

Simply run the program coded specifically for the API key you submitted on your own computer or a remote one to keep it working at all times.

Enter Your Exchange API Keys

Introduce CAT Bot to your secret key for the very first time and let it connect to the exchange to download the latest market information.

Start Automatic Trading

Check the current opportunities in the markets and set your CAT Bot with adequate parameters in as many coins as you like. Then simply let it run and watch it do the work for you 24/7.
ping pong strategy
cat bot interface


This method of trading is the simplest yet most powerful way to go for day traders both at beginner and expert levels. You can easily set entry and exit targets and let CAT Bot trade in and out continuously or you can go further and implement your advanced strategies to automate your craft. CAT Bot has you covered for whatever method you currently use manually, and continues to do it at all times.

Here is an example for the most basic way to set up your bot and start earning immediately:


Check Market Conditions for Ideal Pairs


Set Entry Price Triggers (Ping)


Set Expected Gain for Exit (Pong)


Define Returning Ping Order Changes


Set Advanced Stop-Loss Parameters


Fine Tune Your Trades with 100's of Detailed Settings If You Wish

The official website for CAT Bot, as seen on the BTC Talk Forums.

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